Committee:    Function:
Facebook Create and maintain Club Facebook page, updating as needed with current information.
Greeters Greet attendees at Club meetings and similar events, focusing on making new attendees feel welcome
Hospitality                   Arrange for and serve refreshments at meetings
Membership                Promote Club membership by providing information to potential members, making membership forms available at meetings, on website and by email, and by collecting dues.
Political Action Identify issues and determine courses of action available to Club members in areas such as civil rights, women’s issues, health care, climate change, Social Security and Medicare.
PC                                 Recruit and arrange training for potential Precinct Committee persons in the Sun City West area
Programs                     Arrange for speakers at Club meetings
Publicity                      Advertise upcoming meetings and club events in local newspapers, PORA website and other available media
Social                           Arrange Club dinners and other major social functions
Transportation           Arrange transportation for Club members who need help getting to meetings and similar events
Website                       Maintain and update Club website